cover licht ohne schattenLight without Shadow

This book by Sabine Mehne is an authentic report of her near-death experience and life after it.
With an epilogue by Pim van Lommel.

excerpt (PDF-File, 16 pages, illustrated)

"Death is gentle," Sabine Mehne is sure today. Seriously cancer-stricken, in a moment of unbearable pain, she was catapulted out of her body into a healing light in which she felt absolutely safe and free ... After that, nothing was as it was before.
In her book, she talks about her life with and after this near-death experience. From their struggle to re-enter this world and be understood in their otherness. The haunting account of a courageous woman who learned to see life and death with new eyes.

"The most intimate and open-hearted account of the processing of a near-death experience I have ever read. Highly recommended."
Pim van Lommel, cardiologist and
Author of the bestseller »Endless Consciousness»

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ISBN 978-3-8436-0162-7
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 cover abflug “The Great Departure“



Those who can face death with confidence also live more consciously and with more joy for life in the present. The bestselling author Sabine Mehne describes her enriching attitude to life in this book.

The key event was a near-death experience during a cancer illness. An experience that changed her view of death and dying, but also of life: death no longer scares her, but is from now on connected with a feeling of freedom and joy. After healing from cancer, the author experienced new feelings of lightness and her changed perspective as an enrichment for everyday life. Anyone who faces death with confidence and humor sets new priorities, rebalances relationships and changes the way she or he treats others. A book that encourages with surprising insights to embrace life, death and dying positively and confidently.

Hardcover edition
ISBN 978-3-8436-0834-3
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