with Sabine Mehne about Near-Death Experience and Philosophy

There is currently a documentary film in post-production that combines the topic of near-death experiences with philosophy and in which Sabine Mehne is a main protagonist speaking extensively about her experience. 

In this essayistic documentary of about 60 minutes, the topic of NDEs is brought into connection especially with the philosophy of the Danish thinker Soeren Kierkegaard (1813-1855). Kierkegaard was a religious writer who analyzed human existence in a unique way. He understood the human being as a synthesis of infinity and finitude, of the temporal and the eternal, challenging each individual to a slow process of authentic self-development.

Sabine Mehne’s recollection about her NDE reveals fascinating parallels to Kierkegaard’s thinking and she expresses insights previously not published yet in her books or in video interviews with her. Besides Sabine Mehne two academics speak in the film: Jasnak Koteska (Skopje) und Evrim Emir-Sayers (Paris). The film was made by German filmmaker Thomas Roth (Berlin).

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