Author, Freelance Lecturer
Family therapist (International Society for Systemic Therapy)

Personal details: born in Nürnberg in 1957, married since 1983, three children

Professional career:

1977: High school diploma
1980: State examination to become a physiotherapist at the physiotherapy school of the University Clinic in Mainz
1980 - 1981: Recognition year in the Sankt-Jürgen-Hospital in Bremen
1981 - 1983: Worked in the orthopedic ambulance according to Dr. Cyriax at the Reinkenheide Clinic in Bremerhaven.
1983 - 1985: Worked as a physiotherapist in the health center in Riedstadt
1985 - 1990: Freelance work in various physiotherapy practices in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district
1990: Opening of her own practice for physiotherapy in Darmstadt
1990 - 1993: Further training in systemic family therapy at the International Society for Systemic Therapy with certification by systemische-gesellschaft
1993 - 1997: Course activity and book publications for the own conception of
"Systemic Physiotherapy - SYS PT®"
1997: Giving up her own practice



1996: Beginning of writing
From 1997: Publication of various works: novel, poetry book, plays
2001: Premiere and participation in the play "Bis zum Mark" at the Hoffart Theater in Darmstadt
2006 - 2008: Participation in the writing workshop of the writer Kurt Drawert in the literary house of the city of Darmstadt
2013: Book "Light without Shadow - Living with a Near Death Experience" at Patmos
2015: Premiere and participation in the near-death cabaret “almost hopps! - Jumping death off the shovel - is that really a pleasure?” in the theater in the pedagogue in Darmstadt. Cooperation with the theater man Arno Hermer
2016: Book: “The big departure - How I lost the fear of death through my near-death experience”, Patmos
2019: Book: "I die as I want", Reinhardt

Further publications: see bibliography

Ambassador for near-death experiences and adviser for people with NDEs.

1995 Cancer with intensive near-death / transcendence experience and remembrance of a near-death experience in childhood (almost drowning)
2004: Co-founding and board work at “Netzwerk Nahtoderfahrung e.V. - German Friends of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS)” and beginning of lecturing and conference implementation on NDE
2005 - 2017: Publication of various articles on the subject of NDE, see bibliography
2007 - 2019: Lecturing together with the near death researcher and cardiologist Dr. van Lommel in German-speaking countries
2016: End of the board work of the “Netzwerk Nahtoderfahrung e.V.”
2017 and 2018: Organizer of several conferences in Darmstadt in a protected setting for people with near-death experiences, after-death experiences and other spiritual experiences. Topic: “From the borderline experience to an expert in one's own right”
2016 - 2019: Public event series: "Conversations about death, life and love as reflected in the near-death experience" in the theater in the pedagogue in Darmstadt
2019: End of public relations and retreat into silence


Self-determined dying:

Since 1997: Member of the German Society for Palliative Medicine 
2007: Publication: together with P. Nieland and R. Simander: Basic curriculum Physiotherapy in Palliative Care, Pallia Med Verlag, Bonn
2019: New topic: Self-determined dying and voluntary renunciation of food and fluids - fasting for death. Participation in the team of authors of the DGP on the position paper on the voluntary abstinence from eating and drinking
2019: Book: "I die as I want", Reinhardt


Public work

2005: Conference, Arnoldshain: "So close to death ... - When the soul leaves the body",
organizer: Center for Ethics in Medicine and N.NTE e.V.
2006: Congress, Basel “Live again”, organizer: Perspektiva
2007: Congress Berlin “Ethics of Dying - Dignity of Life - Near Death Experiences”, organizer: Gesundheitsaktiv
2008: Symposium, Holzkirchen: "Steps on the way to healing - borderline situations and near-death experiences",
organizer: Benediktushof Holzkirchen
2008: Study days, Dornach: "Research into the near-death experience", organizer: Goetheanum Dornach
2009 - 2019: Congresses, meetings, symposia and readings in various cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Participation in film and radio:

2007: Documentary about the phenomenon of near-death experiences “The last thing we know”, Ramsauer, M. Wien
2009: Documentary: “On the threshold to the hereafter”, R. Fromm and S. Kienast. Trailer: >> youtube
Also available as a DVD for school lessons at: >>
2013: WEST.ART live talk on WDR "Wake-up call death - is the end a promise for life?"
2013: NDR television: "Frankly said": "Living with a near-death experience" >> youtube
2013: Hessischer Rundfunk - "Maintower": "Near death experience - what happens to us when we die?"
2013: RTL and ORF2, Future TREND report: “Where is the journey going? - Experiences with near death"
2013: Documentary: "Sound of Decease - Or: How does death sound", P. Weding >> peterwedig
2014: Deutschlandfunk: "The near death - look into another world or hallucination of the dying brain?" 
2015: Documentation about near-death experiences: “Everything is different afterwards”, A. v. Listen. Media project Wuppertal.
2016: Deutschland-Funk (ZDF), "Freistil" series: "What you can still do when you are already dead - on what comes after", S. Fringes
2017: ZDF | Broadcast: Mona Lisa: "The close death and the consequences"
2018: Church TV | Alpha & Omega: "Near-death experiences - just a firework of neurons?"
2018: SWR: Nachtcafé: "When love goes" >> youtube
2019: NDR: Radio feature: “The Enlightened”, S. Fringes 
2019: SWR: Night Café: "Dying, how to live with it": >> youtube
2020: Multi-media report on fasting for death, "My last journey is dying", A. Parschan 
>> bistumlimburg  
2020: “Sternstunde der Nacht”: after me the worms - taboo dying and death >> youtube


Print media: many reports in various magazines, etc.

2013: die Welt, C. Becker: “The longing for the light that picks you up” >> article
2013: For you, D. Metzger: "For a moment I got out of my body"
2014: Stuttgarter Nachrichten, M. Brauer: Sonntag aktuell
2016: Frankfurter Rundschau, C. Kabel: "Encountered Light"
2016: SPUREN magazine, M. Frischknecht: Interview with Sabine Mehne: The relieved woman >> interview
2016: Anomalistic Journal, M. Nahm: "The big departure", review
2017: Astrology Today, A. Bertozzo: "The Experience of Death"
2018: INFO 3, R. Richter: “Hot line to great awareness”, interview
2018: Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, K. Hoth: "Near-death experience on the threshold”
>> article