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Publications on the subject of voluntary abstinence from food and fluids (death fasting)


Humanistic press service from 3.2.2021 "Only well meant" Contribution to the two legislative proposals on the regulation of suicide assistance in Germany, Dr. rer. Nat. Christian Walther / Sabine Mehne >> >> article
2020: Article of the “Ärztezeitung” from 9/24/2020 "Perspectives on assisted suicide in Germany",
Dr. rer. nat. Christian Walther / Sabine Mehne >> article
2019: I die as I want - my decision to fast to death, Reinhardt, Munich

Co-author of the position paper of the German Society for Palliative Medicine on the voluntary abstinence from eating and drinking, Radbruch, L. and others, first published in “Deutsches Ärzteblatt” October 16, 2019.

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Publications on the subject of NDE

2017: Effects of a near death experience on one's own life and attitudes towards death and dying, in: “Going into the Light”, Nicolay, J. Butzon & Bercker, Kevelaer
2017: My life review - self-revelation without runaway guarantee, in: Near-death experiences and life review, Nicolay, J., Santiago, Goch
2016: The big departure - How I lost the fear of death through my near-death experience, Patmos, Ostfildern
2016: Welcomed by the light - What can be learned for life from a deep near-death experience, in: Pastoral Gazette, Pastoral and Congregational Magazine, Herder, Freiburg, Issue 11, pp. 15-18
2015: "almost hopps - jumping death off the shovel - is that really a pleasure?" Near-death cabaret together with Arno Hermer. Premiere 2015 at the Theater in the pedagogue in Darmstadt
2015: Recording of the lecture “The change in my image of the Human from the perspective of my own near death experience” at the conference “Near death and image of the human” in Freiburg, July 2015 >> auditorium-netzwerk
2013: Light without Shadow, 2013, Patmos, Ostfildern, see also >> patmos
2012: Recording of the lecture in the series "Lebenskunst in Bensheim", March 2012, together with Pim van Lommel, Article No: JOK3009D >> shop.auditorium-netzwerk
2012: On the easy and difficult in life after a near death experience, in: Impulse for life from near death experiences, Nicolay, J. and Serwaty, A., Santiago, Goch
2011: The encounter with my uncle Hartmut, who died in the war, in: Encounter with the deceased, contributions from science and therapy on a taboo subject, Nicolay, J. and Serwaty, A., Santiago, Goch
2010: Mysticism in the here and now, a self-revelation, in: Encounter with “God”? - Near Death Experiences and Mysticism, Nicolay, J. and Serwaty, A., Santiago, Goch
2009: Effects of a near-death experience on one's own life and attitudes towards death and dying, in: Near-death experiences - New ways of research, Nicolay, J. and Serwaty, A., Santiago, Goch
2008: Transformation and Reconciliation, in: Near Death and Transcendence - An Approach from Science and Experience, Santiago, Goch
2007:  Death is part of life - When healing is no longer possible, physiotherapy in the palliative ward, in: pt - Journal for Physiotherapists, No. 6, Munich
2006: I feel the light in me, in: Near death experiences, G. Ewald, Butzon & Bercker, Kevelaer
2006: together with Dr. J. Nicolay: It was absolute love - near-death experience and transcendence from one’s own experience, on: Congress "Live again": Dying, mourning, death, Basel, CD and DVD (perspectiva or hoersignale)
2005: How does life go on after a near death experience? Close to death - back in life, in: "So close to death ..." - When the soul leaves the body, Frankfurt am Main


Further publications:

2007:  together with Peter Nieland and Rainer Simader: Basic curriculum Physiotherapy in
Palliative Care, Pallia Med Verlag, Bonn
2006: The chief physician, short story, in: ... but also happiness, anthology, Darmstadt
2006: The deer and the tram, short story, in: Ten years later, winning entries in the literary competition for the 10th book fair in Ried, Riedstadt
2005: Winterfell, novel, Wiesenburg, Schweinfurt
2005: My journey through the desert, in: Leukemia for healthy people, Eppstein
2004: My journey through the desert, experience report, Eppstein
2002: together with Livia Haupter:
About doing and letting be, Basics of Systemic Physiotherapy - SYS PT®, Munich
2001: To the core, play (premiere 2001, Hoffart-Theater Darmstadt)
2000: Change of worlds, when parents grow old, Mühltal
1999: Sensitivity, plea for systemic medicine using the example of systemic physiotherapy - SYS PT®, Borgmann, Dortmund
2006 - 2008: participation in the writing workshop of the writer Kurt Drawert in the literary house of the city of Darmstadt